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EAA Chapter 1218
Open House 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bob Brantley   
August 13, 2014

2014-July Meeting Minutes PDF Print E-mail
Written by Phylis White   
July 21, 2014

July 12, 2014

40 members dined on brats, hot dogs and potluck before Chapter President Tom White called the business meeting to order. The cooks were thanked for providing such a variety of potluck dishes and President White for manning the grill. The July Chapter Video Magazine was shown.

A motion to approve the minutes as published was made by Henny Christensen, second by Lindall Baker and approved.

Treasurer David Johnson gave the financial report. Dues are overdue. Motion to approve report was made by Henny Christensen, second by Lindall Baker and approved. Bob Bohemier has donated $150 to the scholarship fund.

At the June meeting members voted to reimburse Ron White for the meat purchased for the 4th of July festivities and asked members to donate to the jar. $281 was collected. Ron graciously donated the funds back to the chapter; $250 to the Jerry L Smith Scholarship Fund and the remainder toward chapter utilities. Ron said this year he had really good helpers. Benny Butler and John Good were both there before 6 AM. A big thank you to all attending and helping make the 4th of July celebration a success. Five aircraft flew over the parade route; we had a patriotic float in the parade, in the evening three planes flew over before the fireworks. It was a great day with great food and fellowship. We received front page coverage from the Summersville Beacon.

The 601 has been sold to a man in Wisconsin. Ron Hook is flying off the remainder of the 40 hours for him. A big thank you goes to David Johnson and Lindall Baker for the Barnstormer ad and fielding phone calls. Lindall was on calls for over twenty hours.

Clint Allen has donated a 25 gallon sprayer to the chapter and asked Tom to be in charge of it.

Mowing volunteers for the next couple of weeks are Cliff Kinkade and Berlin Batesel.

Open House theme for 2014 is “Celebrating our freedom to fly and the “behind the scenes” support needed to continue”. Area schools offering an aviation program will be contacted, Linn Tech, etc. Cleta will be unavailable so she needs a

volunteer for the youth table, making and flying paper airplanes. Cheryl Butler has volunteered.

Berlin Batesel reported the landscaping in front of the pilot’s lounge is dying. Sandy Smith had all that completed in memory of Jerry. Joyce B, Phyllis White and Rory volunteered to replant. A motion to plant, maintain and fund the project was made by Lindall Baker, second by Mike Noonan and approved.

President White said at the July airport board meeting, he approached them once again about having a Friend’s of the Airport evening with hot dogs, etc. He asked that all local planes be on the ramp. David Johnson, Bob Bohemier and Berlin Batesel said theirs would be out. Sue L’Hommedieu offered her key to Cheryl Butler to assure her plane would be on display if she was unable to get there. Bill Ghan made a motion for the chapter to provide the necessary cookout provisions, second by Lisa Johnson and approved. Tentative date is Friday, August 8, 6-7 PM.

A “clean the shop” workday is needed before open house. After discussion, July 19, 9 AM members Lindall Baker, the Johnsons, Bill Ghan, Andy Goans, Cliff Kinkade, Berlin Batesel, Tom and Phyllis White and Rory Lozano agreed to work that day.

The August 9 meeting will be brats, hotdogs and potluck again at 4 PM, motion by Bob Brantley, second by Ron Hook and approved. Cliff Kinkade will help with the grill.

Bob Brantley has sold his Falco. It left on Friday. Bob Bohemier’s Tri-Pacer is for sale. The new hangars are near completion.

Thelma Batesel’s sister Kim Peterman lost her long battle with cancer this morning. Members will be notified by e-mail regarding service arrangements.

Rory Lozano said we are capable of doing great things technologically as seen on today’s video magazine. Things stalled out forty years ago but are now back on track.

A motion to adjourn was made by Ed Walker, second by Fred Kalhoefer and approved.

2014-June Meeting Minutes PDF Print E-mail
Written by Phylis White   
June 30, 2014

June 14, 2014 43 members and guests dined on grilled brats and hot dogs with potluck before President

White called the business meeting to order. Two short You Tube videos were shown. The first was how

not to design and build your own plane; actually it was a man in Africa attempting to fly his design.

Google: YouTube African aircraft first flight to view. The second was a lesson on teamwork and what a

dedicated group with a common goal can accomplish. Google: YouTube Bruno barn move to view.

Guests Chase Foster, Dixie Streetman and Chris and Joanne Frank were welcomed. Members sang

happy birthday to Rory Lozano. President White said it was great to see members Bob and Carol Coats

after Bob’s long hospital stay. The cooks were thanked for the delicious variety of potluck dishes.

A motion to approve the minutes as published was made by Henny Christensen, second by Lindall Baker

and approved.

Treasurer David Johnson gave the financial report; motion to approve by Henny Christensen, second by

Bob Brantley and approved.

A crepe myrtle shrub was purchased after the May meeting with the intentions of planting it at the June

meeting. However, it needed attention sooner so it has been planted in honor of Marge Allen.

Photos were shown of members Clint Allen, Lindall Baker and Joyce, Berlin Batesel, Bob Brantley, John

Good, David Johnson, Tom White and Tom Young helping Mike Noonan remove the wing from his

aircraft preparing it to go to Caruthersville. Mike said they now have the avionics straightened out and

would like a couple of the members that helped take the wing off be there when it goes back on. Mike

thanked the members again that helped that day.

The City of Willow Springs has awarded the bid to replace the three place hangar and repair the

damaged one from the storm in April. Member Bob Bohemier’s plane has been stored in the EAA

hangar since the incident. President White said he and Bob discussed hangar rent and they decided

there would be no rent charged in lieu of all the work Bob did helping build the chapter hangar.

Open House 2014 will be September 13 (no rain date) with the American Legion Post providing the lunch

wagon; motion by Henny Christensen, second by Sue L’Hommedieu and approved. Cleta Sweeney asked

if we would be interested in a free drone demo that day. Cleta suggested as a fun fundraiser; we have

taste testing of desserts from our cookbooks. Members expressed interest in making dishes for the

event. Cleta has a vendor who has developed software and aerial applications for drones and would be

happy to demonstrate his product during our open house if we are interested. She will provide his web

address for us to check out.

Each year we receive Young Eagle credits. For 2013, we earned 17 credits for a total value of $85. We

can use those credits to assist sending a young person to EAA Air Academy summer camp, be

reimbursed for expenses during a Young Eagle rally or return the credits to EAA. Mike and Sharon

Vaughn have a grandson that would like to attend. A motion to apply our credits to his expenses was

made by Lisa Johnson, second by Tom Young and approved by members. Willow Springs will have their annual Friday,

4th of July parade at 10 am. They would like the EAA to participate with a patriotic float and or historical figures and

a flyover right before the parade. Several members expressed interest in the flyover. Following the parade we have a

nice meal with homemade ice cream, then fire the anvil, cannons and rockets all making for a traditional,

old-fashioned 4th.

For several Ron White has knocked himself out smoking the brisket, ribs, ham and pork loin. He donates his

time and we reimburse him for the meat with donations from the jar. Last year there was only $21 in

the jar. President White calculated he spent over $200 and was really hurt by the lack of donations. He

was questioning whether anyone really appreciated the work involved. Bob Brantley made a motion to

have the chapter guarantee funds to cover the meat costs and to ask for $5 per person suggested

donation to offset that expense, second by Ron Hook and approved. No where could someone have a

meal like what is provided for $5 even with bringing potluck sides. Ron will need helpers; Benny Butler,

Jerry Pfister and John Good volunteered. Lindall Baker and Tom will make ice cream. There may be

fireworks that evening.

The July 12 meeting will be brats, hotdogs and potluck sides at 4 PM; motion by Lisa Johnson, second by

John Good and approved. FYI brats, hotdogs and buns for the meeting were under $19; when we have

grilled burgers it is closer to $100.

Thank you to David Johnson for cutting the grass. David and Lisa have a new to them airplane, a Cessna

150 two and one half weeks ago. It is available for rent for $80 wet through the LLC David set up. See

the Johnsons for details and the rental agreement.

Sandy Smith announced Levi Mahan, Summersville has received an $84,000 scholarship to the University

of Illinois, Carbondale with a major in aviation science. She said he was one of three that received the

scholarship, one from San Diego and the other one from Phoenix.

Sharon Vaughn invited everyone to the Missouri Pilots Association meeting, Thursday, June 19 at the

Vaughn’s hangar for their airport appreciation event. Joe Pestka,Javiation will speak about aviation

infrastructure and current legislation.

Congratulations to Ronnie Epps. He has soloed since the last meeting.

Bill Ghan said he highly recommends Walker Heating, Cabool (member Luke Walker’s dad). Bill said his

bid for replacing his heat pump was over $1,000 less than the other estimates.

If anyone is interested, Houston airport has new hangars for rent at $200 monthly. Also there is an

Aero-Commander for sale there; see Cody Ice or Carl Evertsen, Houston.

Motion to adjourn was made by Mike Noonan, second by Ed Walker and approved.

Last Updated on June 30, 2014
2014-May Meeting Minutes PDF Print E-mail
Written by Phylis White   
June 03, 2014

May 10, 2014 42 members and guests dined on Mexican potluck before the meeting was called to order

by President Tom White.

The secretary’s report was approved as published, motion by Henny Christensen, second by Lindall

Baker. Treasurer David Johnson gave the financial report, motion to approve by Henny Christensen,

second by Bob Brantley and approved by members present. If you have not paid your 2014 annual $20

dues, please do so. The 2012 and 2013 service awards for newsletter and web were presented to Brent

Humphreys (just a bit late).

David Johnson reported on the Zenith 601 status. An ad was in Barnstormers for $24,900 with a

reasonable amount of people interested. The Pascoe plane will have to wait until the Zenith has been

sold. Sandy Smith has made two donations to the Jerry L. Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund, one in

memory of Marge Allen and one in memory of Norma Parrott, mother-in-law to Dave Brown our former

Garmin contact and friend.

Bill Ghan presented Sean Sweeney with a model JD Special.

Clint Allen gave a short talk on his flight from Bellingham, WA in his newly purchased Cardinal. He met a

lot of friendly and nice general aviation folks out there.

If you have not sent in a NOAA aerial damage reporting form, there are blank forms available.

VP Lindall Baker reported on the hangar damage sustained on April 26th

. One building was destroyed

and debris from it damaged the other two. Luckily, the destroyed hangar was only occupied by one

aircraft belonging to Cliff Kinkade. The Johnsons had recently sold their Sonex and had not purchased a

replacement yet. The Carr aircraft had been flown away earlier that weekend. Cliff’s plane suffered

minor damage, however damage did occur to Bob Bohemier’s plane in the next building and Sue

L’Hommedieu’s hangar door received some minor damage. Lindall moved member aircraft around

between hangars and all are now safely stored indoors.

Berlin Batesel is about ready to fly his completed Tailwind. Member Bob Coats is in Cox South with a

serious muscle weakness problem in his legs. Members are encouraged to keep Bob in thoughts and

prayers. We have not located a crepe myrtle to plant in honor of Marge Allen; hopefully we will have

one by the June meeting. Henny encouraged members to use their cameras. She prepared a slideshow

of our years with Marge Allen.

A 2014 open house committee has been formed; volunteers are Bill Ghan, Cleta Sweeney, Jim Vokac and

Tom and Phyllis White. We will check dates for conflicts to move the event to September.

A motion to grill brats and hotdogs with potluck sides for the June 14, 4 PM meeting was made by David

Johnson, second by Ron Hook and approved.

A motion to adjourn was made by Ron Hook with a second by Benny Butler.


Last Updated on June 03, 2014
Scholarship Program Charter PDF Print E-mail
Written by EAA1218   
November 23, 2012

EAA South Central Ozarks Chapter 1218 Scholarship Program


  1. To promote general aviation in south central Missouri by encouraging interested individuals to pursue obtaining their primary pilot license.
  2. To increase local general aviation economic activity.
  3. To promote use and support of local airport facilities, services and personnel.
  4. To increase local awareness of EAA Chapter 1218, and local aviation activities, by publicizing individual sponsorships, business sponsorships, scholarship awards, first solo flights, and successful completions of flight training in local media, chapter meeting minutes, and on the chapter website.
  5. Grow the membership of EAA Chapter 1218 by helping to create more general aviation pilots, in this area, which will hopefully become the future of our organization.


Award a $2,500 scholarship to any individual, that resides within the 9 county geographic area covered by EAA South Central Ozarks Chapter 1218, to be used for primary flight training with the goal of obtaining a Private Pilot, Sport Pilot, or Recreational Pilot License. The scholarships will be awarded without regard to age, sex, or financial status.  Applicants will become eligible by first taking a young eagle flight, an eagle flight, or demonstrating previous flight experience, then completing and submitting an application to EAA South Central Ozarks Chapter 1218.  When an applicant is approved to receive a scholarship, the applicant will be required to join both the national Experimental Aircraft Association and the EAA South Central Ozarks Chapter 1218.  The applicant will pay for primary flight instruction (plane rental, fuel, instructor fees) at any flight school, or with any Certified Flight Instructor, of the applicant’s choice, and then submit proof of payment to EAA South Central Ozarks Chapter 1218 for reimbursement.  The EAA South Central Ozarks Chapter 1218 Scholarship Program will be managed by the EAA Chapter 1218 executive committee and will be limited only by the number of applicants approved or by the funds available.


The EAA South Central Ozarks Chapter 1218 Scholarship Program was initially funded by the generous donations of individuals to the Jerry Smith Scholarship Fund.  These existing funds and any future funds raised for the sole purpose of supporting the chapter 1218 scholarship will be used to fund this scholarship program.  This will assure all supporters and sponsors of the scholarship program that their contributions will only be used for the scholarship program and will not be used for any other chapter 1218 activities or obligations.  Future funding will be secured by:  1. Donation jar clearly marked scholarship fund at all meetings and EAA events for individual or anonymous contributions.  2. Fund raising activities that are organized and conducted by EAA members for the sole purpose of raising money for the scholarship fund such as craft sales, garage sales, raffles, bake sales, etc.  3. Individual Sponsorships:  Diamond level $500, Gold level $250, Silver $100, Bronze $50.  Business Sponsorships:  Diamond level $1,000, Gold level $500, Silver $250, Bronze $100.  Sponsorships would be publicized with pictures in local media, distributed in chapter meeting minutes and on the chapter website.

Last Updated on November 23, 2012
Clint Allen on the Jenny Independence Day 2012 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brent Humphreys   
July 07, 2012

I had the opportunity to turn on the camera and catch Clint Allen teaching last Wednesday during the Independence Day Celebration.  I think he thanks his fellow chapter members no less than 3 times during this short video.  I hope you enjoy.

Independence Day PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brent Humphreys   
July 04, 2012

We had a great turn out today at the chapter hanger for an Old Fashioned Independence Day celebration.  Here is a short video with just a few of the highlites.

And here are a few photos from the day.


Last Updated on July 04, 2012
Kitty Middleton Video PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brent Humphreys   
October 20, 2011

Henny generously allowed me to share the video she put together on Kitty Middleton.  If you missed it at the Fly In, you can see it here.  Lot's of Appreciation to Henny for the effort she put into assembling this video.


2011 Open House: Young Eagle Flight PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brent Humphreys   
October 11, 2011

Here is a quick video update from the Fly-In this weekend.

Here is a short video of one Young Eagle flight in Benny's RV-7.  I told them to check the web site in a couple days to see the flight.  If you have any photos, you can put them in the Flickr photo pool, or send them to me.  As I see photos come in, I will select some to include in a video for the event.

To see the video in full High Definition click here


Last Updated on October 11, 2011

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