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  • Able Flight Awards Record Nine New Scholarships
    Able Flight, an organization that offers flight training scholarships to people with disabilities, has awarded a record nine new scholarships in 2014 with six recipients set to begin their training in May at Purdue University's Department of Aviation Technology.
  • Homebuilders: We Need Your Input
    To complement a recent study by the National Transportation Safety Board, 'The Safety of Experimental Amateur-Built Aircraft,' EAA is conducting a new survey regarding first flight preparations and Phase I flight tests.
  • Air Racers 3D Hits Select IMAX Theatres
    A new theatrical release of Air Racers 3D from 3D Entertainment Distribution is now showing at select IMAX theaters.
  • Enrollment in Sporty's Course Surpasses 25,000 Young Eagles
    This week EAA and Sporty's announced that the more than 25,000 EAA Young Eagles have now enrolled in the online Sporty's Learn to Fly course, which is provided free to Young Eagles to help them pursue aviation interests beyond their first flight.
  • EAA Welcomes Full B-17 Crew for Special Flight
    EAA's Boeing B-17G has made many memorable flights throughout the country, but one would be hard-pressed to come up with one more special than what occurred on Monday afternoon, April 14, in Oshkosh.
EAA Chapter 1218
2014-March Meeting Minutes PDF Print E-mail
Written by Phylis White   
March 24, 2014

Noon, March 8, 2014

Members and guests enjoyed the Italian potluck and chocolate originally planned for the February meeting.

President White called the meeting to order, welcoming the guests and thanked the cooks for the great meal.

A motion to approve the January minutes as published was made by Henny Christensen, second by Lindall Baker and approved by members.

Treasurer David Johnston presented the financial report. A motion to approve as reported was made by Henny Christensen, second by Ron Hook and approved by members.

Bonne Terre has reopened and will have Aire Fest, September 6 & 7. Warrensburg Airport is serving pancake breakfast every Saturday 9-noon during March and April as a fundraiser for their pilot scholarship fund. We lost member Marge Allen February 14 and member Jack Richardson’s wife Carol Ann on February 23. We also lost member Wayne Spence last fall but his memorial service is scheduled for March 22, 2 PM at the First Baptist Church. During the Boy Scout Merit Badge University in November, we gave each scout a postcard addressed to the chapter with the hopes they would send back comments. We finally have received one. Daylight savings time starts tomorrow; spring forward.

The April 12 meeting will be burgers and potluck at 3 PM. Ryan Kardell with NOAA, Springfield will be speaking with us about the Volunteer Aerial Damage Survey Program. They need pilots to gather storm damage information from the air.

West Plains Regional Airport’s ribbon cutting will be April 25 and open house on the 26th. They would like area pilots for static display and EAA Young Eagle pilots for the event. President White asked for a show of hands of pilots available for that date. There were no volunteers. A motion to not participate as a chapter Young Eagle event was made by Phyllis White, second by Henny Christensen and approved by members.

Rory Lozano displayed his XPlanes flight simulator and will be available for demonstrations and questions after the meeting. Bill Ghan said the program is very accurate.

A motion to adjourn was made by Benny Butler, second by Bob Brantley and approved by members.

Last Updated on March 24, 2014
2014-January Meeting Minutes PDF Print E-mail
Written by Phylis White   
January 31, 2014

Rest in Peace, Charter Chapter Member Marge Allen February, 14th 2014


January 11, 2014 41 members and guests (abbreviated minutes)

Following the soup/chili potluck and watching the Chapter Video Magazine, President White called the meeting to order. The cooks were thanked. A motion to approve the minutes as published was made by Henny Christensen, Ron Hook second and approved by members. Treasurer David Johnson gave the financial report, motion to approve by Henny Christensen, second by Tom Bentele and approved. A big thank you was given to charter member Robert Harshman for his $250 donation to the chapter. Sue L’Hommedieu reminded members about the good reading available in the Jim Tausworthe books and the funds from the books go to the scholarship fund.

The February 8 noon meeting will be Italian themed potluck with an emphasis on chocolate desserts for your Valentine; motion by Sue L’Hommedieu, second by Lisa Johnson and approved.

The EAA is pushing for the 3rd class medical. Contact your congressman.

Jim Vokac announced Three Rivers College, Willow Springs is offering higher education classes starting January 21.

Sandy Smith asked for an update on our scholarship recipients. Brian White has not been able to attend meetings due to working out of state. He is still taking lessons when time permits. Jeremy Myers has given up his share of the airplane in Ava due to low finances. He is pursuing his music which will not be such a financial hardship to his family at this time. We want to encourage both men to continue to fly.

Lindall Baker asked if Ava Schools had received the simulator they had applied for grant funds for. No word yet. David Davidson and the Ava Aviation Club are very active. Chapter members Ray Davison and Scott Dinwiddie had soloed. President White flew with David in early December for his annual Wings. There is no fuel available at Ava at this time.

Rory Lozano is working on a “hillbilly” flight simulator. More info to come.

Henny Christensen mentioned the AOPA note regarding the decertification of some simulators with the FAA.

A motion to adjourn was made by Jim Vokac, second by Benny Butler and approved.

Last Updated on February 17, 2014
2013-December Meeting Minutes PDF Print E-mail
Written by Phylis White   
January 06, 2014

December 21, 2013 43 members present (Abbreviated minutes)

Following the delicious Christmas dinner prepared by members, President White called the business meeting to order. New members Max and Brenda Bradley were welcomed.

A motion to approve the minutes as published was made by Henny Christensen, second by Bob Brantley and approved.

Treasurer David Johnson gave the financial report, motion to approve made by Bob Brantley, second by Sean Sweeney and approved by members. A discussion regarding the 501c3 status with the IRS followed. Sharon Vaughn has offered to assist with the annual filing. Annual chapter dues are now due. Remember to be a voting member of the chapter you must be a member of the national organization (not our rules, but nationals).

On November 23, 16 Boy Scouts attended the Boy Scout Merit Badge University at the hangar. Volunteers were Cleta Sweeney, Lindall Baker, Jim Vokac, Henny Christensen, Tom and Phyllis White. There were scouts from Rolla, St James, Springfield area, West Plains and Willow Springs. A note was read from a scout leader praising the volunteers. “It was wonderful to have such an eclectic and knowledgeable group to present this merit badge. I will recommend this merit badge to my scouts as long as you are offering it. I will also speak well of your organization and members to any and all. I also hope I can return this good deed to your organization somewhere down the road, and will be thinking of you each time I see a plane in flight.”

President White has contacted several names listed on the EAA Speakers Bureau hoping to provide the chapter with a program. The list appears to be outdated with bad contact information. One possibility he spoke with in Peoria, IL is willing to come to the January or February meeting if we furnish his fuel in a single engine high performance aircraft. He is a broker and would be speaking about what to know when buying or selling your airplane. Perhaps we will stick with the EAA monthly chapter video magazine as our program.

Photos and videos of the well attended 10th Anniversary of Bill Ghan’s Wright Flyer Reception at the Springfield Airport were shown. President White pointed out the large poster made up for the occasion by Henny Christensen and Mike White. They are our “poster kids”. Bill thanked the members for taking the time to drive up to attend. He said he had a lot of fun but not as much fun as Jerry Jacob with KY3. President White gave Jerry one of the chapter mugs. Jerry said watch for it on his desk during the morning news the next week. Secretary White had a photo of it on his desk during the December 20th morning broadcast. President White said Bill Ghan started the flyer in 1999 when the chapter was about a year old. President White became president for the first time was in 2001. He was handed a lot of paperwork and among that was the request from Bill for the chapter to help build the flyer and had been turned down. Individual members began going to Bill’s shop and helping him build and were taking pieces home with them to finish up. When he ran out of room in his shop, Ron White offered use of his hangar to assemble it. Bill’s persistence with his project was the backbone for this chapter.

He brought the chapter together. The money from the flyer was the seed money for the chapter hangar. You may tire of seeing reference to the flyer, but remember we would not be where we are today without it.

The January 11, 2014 meeting will be noon chili and soup potluck.

The annual EAA Chapter Awards were presented to President Tom White, Vice President Berlin Batesel, Secretary Phyllis White, Treasurer David Johnson, Technical Counselors Berlin Batesel and Clint Allen and Young Eagle Coordinator Bob Brantley. Each received a certificate and lapel or hat pin. Treasurer David Johnson then presented Tom and Phyllis White with a certificate of appreciation for an all expense paid trip to attend the National EAA Chapter Leaders Academy in Oshkosh from 1218 members.

Secretary White read an e-mail received about member Berlin Batesel. A couple flew into 1h5 hoping to go out to breakfast. Berlin took them to a restaurant and waited while they ate and would not accept anything for his trouble. He showed them the chapter hangar. They said if any of us are in the area of KBPK, let them know so that they could reciprocate.

Following the Wright Flyer reception, Don Nevels received the FAA’s Wright Brothers 50 years of safe aviation award during the FAA safety meeting. Several photos and videos of the ceremony were shown and enjoyed by all. Most of Don and Carol’s family were in attendance.

We now have copies of our 2004 cookbook for sale along with the new cookbook; $10 each.

The winning ticket for the Garmin VIRB camera was held by Ron Hook. President White told him to use it when he was flying off the hours on the 601 as his “own little black box”. A model Wright Flyer kit was won by Cliff Kinkade. Henny Christensen donated a new in the box 2004 version of Microsoft Flight simulator with a model of the Wright Flyer in the box to be raffled. It is a collectible but has older software. It was won by Jim Vokac but he donated it back to the chapter to sell on EBay.

A motion to adjourn was made by Bob Brantley, second by John Good. Members were wished a Merry Christmas and safe travels home.

Scholarship Program Charter PDF Print E-mail
Written by EAA1218   
November 23, 2012

EAA South Central Ozarks Chapter 1218 Scholarship Program


  1. To promote general aviation in south central Missouri by encouraging interested individuals to pursue obtaining their primary pilot license.
  2. To increase local general aviation economic activity.
  3. To promote use and support of local airport facilities, services and personnel.
  4. To increase local awareness of EAA Chapter 1218, and local aviation activities, by publicizing individual sponsorships, business sponsorships, scholarship awards, first solo flights, and successful completions of flight training in local media, chapter meeting minutes, and on the chapter website.
  5. Grow the membership of EAA Chapter 1218 by helping to create more general aviation pilots, in this area, which will hopefully become the future of our organization.


Award a $2,500 scholarship to any individual, that resides within the 9 county geographic area covered by EAA South Central Ozarks Chapter 1218, to be used for primary flight training with the goal of obtaining a Private Pilot, Sport Pilot, or Recreational Pilot License. The scholarships will be awarded without regard to age, sex, or financial status.  Applicants will become eligible by first taking a young eagle flight, an eagle flight, or demonstrating previous flight experience, then completing and submitting an application to EAA South Central Ozarks Chapter 1218.  When an applicant is approved to receive a scholarship, the applicant will be required to join both the national Experimental Aircraft Association and the EAA South Central Ozarks Chapter 1218.  The applicant will pay for primary flight instruction (plane rental, fuel, instructor fees) at any flight school, or with any Certified Flight Instructor, of the applicant’s choice, and then submit proof of payment to EAA South Central Ozarks Chapter 1218 for reimbursement.  The EAA South Central Ozarks Chapter 1218 Scholarship Program will be managed by the EAA Chapter 1218 executive committee and will be limited only by the number of applicants approved or by the funds available.


The EAA South Central Ozarks Chapter 1218 Scholarship Program was initially funded by the generous donations of individuals to the Jerry Smith Scholarship Fund.  These existing funds and any future funds raised for the sole purpose of supporting the chapter 1218 scholarship will be used to fund this scholarship program.  This will assure all supporters and sponsors of the scholarship program that their contributions will only be used for the scholarship program and will not be used for any other chapter 1218 activities or obligations.  Future funding will be secured by:  1. Donation jar clearly marked scholarship fund at all meetings and EAA events for individual or anonymous contributions.  2. Fund raising activities that are organized and conducted by EAA members for the sole purpose of raising money for the scholarship fund such as craft sales, garage sales, raffles, bake sales, etc.  3. Individual Sponsorships:  Diamond level $500, Gold level $250, Silver $100, Bronze $50.  Business Sponsorships:  Diamond level $1,000, Gold level $500, Silver $250, Bronze $100.  Sponsorships would be publicized with pictures in local media, distributed in chapter meeting minutes and on the chapter website.

Last Updated on November 23, 2012
Clint Allen on the Jenny Independence Day 2012 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brent Humphreys   
July 07, 2012

I had the opportunity to turn on the camera and catch Clint Allen teaching last Wednesday during the Independence Day Celebration.  I think he thanks his fellow chapter members no less than 3 times during this short video.  I hope you enjoy.

Independence Day PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brent Humphreys   
July 04, 2012

We had a great turn out today at the chapter hanger for an Old Fashioned Independence Day celebration.  Here is a short video with just a few of the highlites.

And here are a few photos from the day.


Last Updated on July 04, 2012
Kitty Middleton Video PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brent Humphreys   
October 20, 2011

Henny generously allowed me to share the video she put together on Kitty Middleton.  If you missed it at the Fly In, you can see it here.  Lot's of Appreciation to Henny for the effort she put into assembling this video.


2011 Open House: Young Eagle Flight PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brent Humphreys   
October 11, 2011

Here is a quick video update from the Fly-In this weekend.

Here is a short video of one Young Eagle flight in Benny's RV-7.  I told them to check the web site in a couple days to see the flight.  If you have any photos, you can put them in the Flickr photo pool, or send them to me.  As I see photos come in, I will select some to include in a video for the event.

To see the video in full High Definition click here


Last Updated on October 11, 2011
Open House/ Fly-In October 8, 2011 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Phylis White   
August 28, 2011

Willow Springs Memorial Airport Air Show, August 5, 1951, Mountain Grove, MO native Pansy “Kitty” Middleton performed her first wing-walking act.  Billed as the Skylarks, with Carl Ferris, Lansing, Michigan piloting the Stearman, Kitty was strapped in the harness on the top wing.  They performed dives, barrel rolls, Cuban 8s and snap rolls.  This was the first air show of this caliber that many of the 2000 in attendance had ever seen.  “Kitty Middleton” at 17 years old was an instant sensation.  Following the Willow Springs show the Skylarks continued to the Ozark Empire Fair starting August 11 in Springfield.  There too they were a big success.  Their next scheduled event was the Minnesota State Fair as the featured afternoon grandstand attraction.  Labor Day, September 3, 1951 was the final day of the fair and would complete their air show season.  As they began the last maneuver, the grand finale, the spectators watched as the plane dived from the sky hitting the ground with such force it spread the landing gear out flat. Pilot Carl Ferris was killed instantly; Kitty pulled from the burning wreckage died the next day.

Sixty years after that fateful day, Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter #1218, Willow Springs will pay tribute to Kitty during our annual Open House/Fly-In October 8.  On hand will be chapter member Don Nevels author of “Wings, Dreams and Memories” the story of Kitty Middleton, the Skylarks, the early days of aviation in the Ozarks and the sequence of events leading up to that fateful September day.  Copies of the book will be available for sale and autographed by Don Nevels.  Video clips from the Skylarks performance during the Minnesota State Fair will be shown.

The Open House will be 10 AM – 2 PM with a free burger cookout at noon.  Join us at Willow Springs, Missouri Municipal Airport (1h5), Saturday, October 8th, 2011 to pay tribute to Kitty Middleton,  her pioneering spirit and bravery .\

Last Updated on August 29, 2011

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